Model 1802 Portable Moisture Calibrator

As calibration cylinders of known moisture content are unstable and cannot be prepared with any accuracy or repeatability, Diteco developed an instrument capable of producing a known concentration of water in a carrier gas, typically nitrogen. It can be used to calibrate other moisture monitors, or as a stand-alone moisture monitor.

Model 1802 Portable Moisture Calibrator

The operating principle of the calibrator is to generate a continuous flow of low level (ppm) water vapour in a nitrogen carrier gas to be used to calibrate other moisture monitors. This device can also be used as a moisture analyser if required.

Dry nitrogen is fed through a bubbler, the flow rate being adjusted to deliver a constant flow of known ppm moisture in the stream. An internal analyser measures the moisture content and the instrument delivers up to 2 l/min moisture in nitrogen to an external moisture monitor which in turn can be calibrated or validated.

Instrument can be powered by mains or by rechargeable battery

Suitable for calibrating or validating any moisture monitor in the 0-1,000 ppm by volume range.

Ranges : 0-1,000 / 0-10,000 ppm(v)
Accuracy : ± 2% of range at 20°C
Ambient : 10°C to 40°C
Recorder Output : 4-20 mA
Calibration Sample Flow Output : Up to 2 l/min
Power : 100-120
    45 to 65 Hz or lithium battery
Pressure : 0.4 to 4 Bar g maximum
Type : Dry nitrogen
Flow Rate : up to 2.5 l/min
DIMENSIONS:   365(w) x 192(h) x 360(d) mm
Weight 7 kg