Conga Prima 2M Analyser

Measures both the Hydrocarbon dew point (HDP) and water dew point (WDP)

Conga Prima 2M Analyser

Duty: Measures both the Hydrocarbon dew point (HDP) and water dew point (WDP) by means of chilled-mirror technology

They are designed for continuous monitoring of the hydrocarbon & moisture dew points under the true pipeline conditions of flowing natural gas. If the pipeline gas includes  traces of glycol, aerosols and/or particulate (etc.) contaminants, the appropriate sampling conditioning system can be provided with the analyzer in order to ensure reliable system performance. 

Incremental measurements are made on the same spot until saturation occurs, when the tape is advanced to a fresh portion of tape. This reduces tape usage and avoids the need for frequent zero or span calibrations.

General characteristics of the CONG Prima-2M analyzer:


  • Power supply: 24VDC power supply; 15W maximum power consumption
  • Continuous flow design: dew point measurement is carried out on gas that flows through the measurement chamber
  • First principle measurement: chilled-mirror direct measurement / no calculated correction
  • Compact design: small footprint of analyzer housing allows for easy on-site installation in shelter/enclosure rated for Class 1, Division 2, Gr. D area classification or IEC Zone 1
  • Topicalization technology: measurement cell treatment for protection of wetted parts against aggressive gasses and tropical environments
  • HCDP measurement: hydrocarbon condensate registration by means of Interferometric analysis based on total refraction and using a polarized laser as the light source
  • WDP measurement: at line pressure (or reduced pressure if desired); DP to be reported as the average of the condensation and evaporation temperatures (phase equilibrium temperature)
  • Supplemental cooling: analyzer housing to be outfitted with supplemental cooling channels to allow for extension of WDP measurement range to -50 °C or below
  • Ingress protection: analyzer housing rated for IP65 /Nema 4X rated enclosure housing and sampling system
  • Ambient climate: up to 98% humidity at or below +35 °C
  • Sensitivity: direct registration of HC film on the mirror as thin as 5 nm
  • Accuracy: ≤ 0.5 °C
  • Resolution: ≤ 0.1 °C

CONG Prima-2M in flow-through submersible design is intended to be mounted directly on the pipeline. Fields of application can be utilised in many process industries, including:


  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Chemical 
  • Power
  • metallurgical Industry
  • Enviroment Protection
  • Metrology







Laser based chilled mirror analyzer operating on the principle of total refraction

Measurement principle


Chilled Mirror Continuous Flow

Flowing sample analysis


Direct detection of HC condensate as HCDP temperature by means of laser based interferometric analysis

Sensor cooling


Automatic via 3 satge Peltier effect electronic cooler under adaptive control; optional supplemental cooling to extend measurement range

Operating temperature range


-50°C to +50°C

Explosion protection rating


II 2 G Ex db IIB+ H2 T5 Gb

Ingress protection rating



Pressure max


160bar (natural gas) 

Temperature max


+55°C (natural gas) : +20°C optimal (gas)

Temperature min



Max. design pressure & temp


160 bar +55°C

Measurement range calibrated



Measurement frequency 


4 - 6 times per hour

Measurement range


-30°C to +30°C (Customised measurement range on request)

 Sensor type






Gas wetted material 


Stainless steel, Fluoroplast 4, quartz glass, silicon

Volume flow of sample gas


0.5 to 2.0 NI/min

Area classification


Class 1, division 2, Gr D




O/P signal


Modbus RTU RS485 or 4-20mA




Power supply



Power consumption



PC interface 


Modbus RTU RS485

Instrument Air


Not required

Sample connection : 1/4" / 6mm tubing 







6 Kg (max)



207, 112, 235 mm