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Welcome to Diteco

As specialists in the analysis of gases, Diteco is a leading supplier of cost-effective analytical instrumentation for the measurement of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Total Sulphur in various gases and liquids for many process industries. We also manufacture moisture monitors to measure trace levels of H2O in gases. By working closely with our clients, we are able to customise our products into an analytical system providing solutions for many applications.

Utilising our instruments in your process control strategy will allow you to run your plant more efficiently and safer by improving product quality and yield, producing products closer to specification and reducing waste and pollution.

We have been operating globally since 2001 serving both the on-shore and off-shore market sectors. In addition to our range of instruments, our capabilities also include the design and supply of integrated analytical systems and metering systems together with on-site commissioning and training.



Our product line consists mainly of a range of  on-line process analysers, specifically designed to measure certain components in a process gas stream. In addition to process analysers we have some products packaged as bench or rack mount for laboratory use, as well as portable instruments.


All products supplied by Diteco are fully guaranteed and supported by our team of engineers. This support includes: commissioning, routine maintenance, on-site training, servicing and fault finding, and spare parts and consumables

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Diteco products are designed to support applications across a wide range of industries which produce or use gas requiring analysis.

Typical applications for Diteco products include monitoring the Calorific Value

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