Process Analysers

Diteco supply process analysers to measure the following components in gas streams:

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in Gases and Liquids

The Diteco DTC-HS34 Analyser is designed to analyse and monitor concentration levels of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in continuous flowing and pressurised gaseous streams, providing real-time values via local colour touch screen and analogue and/or digital signals. The DTC-HS34 is designed for Zone 1 IIB + H2 areas, and comes in a number of configurations:

  • Diteco DTC-HS34 Analysermeasures H2S in natural gas, fuel gas, biogas or LPG

Diteco DTC-HS34 H2S Analyser

Total Sulphur in Gases

All the sulphur compounds in the process stream are converted to H2S in a reduction furnace, and the H2S is then measured with a Diteco colorimetric analyser.

      • Diteco DTC-TS34 Analysermeasures total sulphur in gases
      • Diteco DTC-HT34 Analysermeasures both total sulphur and H2S in gases


Water vapour in the range 0 - 1,000 ppm (other ranges available on request) can be measured with this analyser using an electrolytic cell.
Water vapour is a notoriously difficult measurement to make as it adheres to stainless steel tubing, valves, filters etc. Diteco use chemically treated tubing to reduce the adherence of the water to the tubing. Our technology allows measurement to be made without the need for calibration

Moisture Monitors

      • Model 1801basic instrument

Model 1801

      • Model 1803enhanced accuracy instrument

Model 1803

      • Model 1820Dual Cell Moisture Monitor

Model 1820

Moisture Calibrator

      • Model 1812generates a gas of known moisture content used to calibrate other monitors

Model 1812


Model ZOA100 – for 0-1 to 0-25% O2 panel mount