Laboratory Analysers

Diteco supply process analysers to measure the following components in gas streams:


Water vapour in the range 0 - 1,000 ppm can be measures with this analyser using an electrolytic cell. Water vapour is a notoriously difficult measurement to make as it adheres to stainless steel tubing, valves, filters etc. Diteco use chemically treated tubing to reduce the adherence of the water to the tubing. Also our technology allows an absolute measurement to be made without the need for calibration.

Model 1801 – basic instrument

Model 1803 – enhanced accuracy instrument

Model 1820 – dual cell moisture monitor

Moisture Calibrator

As calibration cylinders of known moisture content are unstable and cannot be prepared with any accuracy or repeatability, Diteco developed an instrument capable of producing a known concentration of water in a carrier gas, typically nitrogen. It can be used to calibrate other moisture monitors, or as a stand-alone moisture monitor.

Model 1812 – moisture calibrator